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MCS Sponsors

Taylor Seaton

I am a professional skier, mediocre snowmobiler, backcountry enthusiast and halfpipe skiing hobbyist from Avon, Colorado!  When I am not sipping on Montuckys, I have a passion for creating ski films and flipping my way down X Games halfpipes!  I spend most of my days in negative degree weather but like to leave for surf trips to escape winter at times.  In the summer months, I like to go mountain biking with the boys and ride my motorcycle.  Low key I am an Indian cuisine chef at home and private pilot when I find time to fly.  This year I have busy plans of competing in World Cup halfpipe events, X games, and linking up with friends to film for a movie that will be shot in Colorado, Montana and Utah. It should be a lot of fun going out with good friends doing what I love the most... SKIING! 

Kellyn Wilson

My name is Kellyn Wilson and I'm a skier born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. You can usually find me traveling in a converted school bus chasing powder, hiking with my dog named Squid, deep into some art project, or slinging coffee for my little town of Telluride. My favorite place in the world to drink a Montucky is after a full day of skiing, sitting on the tailgate of a truck- ski boots kicked off, and face in the sun. A little reward after a long day of walking uphill and skiing hard on the way down, there's nothing better. Knowing that Montucky gives so much back to local causes really makes it that much more enjoyable.

Chris Vaughan

I am a professional beach volleyball player from Philadelphia Pa. He has played in various professional volleyball events including beach, grass, hard court, and even snow! He is currently ranked in the top 40 beach volleyball professionals in the country. When he’s not spiking volleyballs or enjoying cold snacks, he enjoys jamming on his harmonica or playing a board game. Look out for him on the AVP this coming summer.

Corey Seemann

My name is Corey Seemann! Currently based out of Whitefish Montana. I am a professional back-country extreme skier chasing powder all over the globe. Extreme skiing and back-country flying are my passions in life along with providing opportunities for others to join the fun. I am always on the hunt for adventure seeking the next thrill in life! I have had the great opportunity to film with large ski production films like Teton Gravity Research along side some of the best athletes in the business.

Jake Hopfinger

I like cold snacks, and hot laps. Pro skier out of Bozeman, MT.

Maddie Phaneuf

I’m a 2018 Olympian, former biathlete, and current (new) biathlon coach! I retired from professional sport this fall, but have dived into coaching the next generation of biathletes and have loved it. In my free time I enjoy backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and playing in the mountains with a Cold Snack! Fun fact: Toads are my favorite animal.

Spencer Boyd

Spencer Boyd is a NASCAR driver from MO, now living in NC. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Truck Racing, and also full time in Cold Snackin'.

Kenny Osborne

blue collar skateboarder from Colorado Springs. #manuallabormondays and #montuckyskateteam via @jerboi_mcSbk Representing Slip Wheels outta Stockton, CA and Shitbag Hammocks, I love to snack at the Triple Nickel Tavern, a backyard bowl, or wherever I can enjoy a cold snack with the boys. Cheers y’all!

Taylor Salway

Fav trick = tre flip lip. need we say more?

Angus Meredith

I am Angus Meredith and I am a rock climber, fence walker, photographer, and certified redhead from North Idaho! When I’m not doing the beforementioned activities, I’m probably working to fund the next adventure. This is year three being on the Montucky team and it’s been a blast! I now have a pup named Aspen, she helps me share the love of MCS wherever we go. I try my best to travel around in my home, Jean-Claude Damn Van, and climb desert towers and small granite boulders.