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How To Enter

Between September 1st and October 31st, the elite Eight snackers that find a magic golden ticket in a 12 pack of Montucky Cold Snacks will win glorious prizes.

You can also enter to win online (no purchase necessary), by submitting a photo to Montucky Cold Snacks via Instagram or email with a sign that states “I want to be the Snack Stampede Winner.” For the Instagram entry you'll need to post a photo with the hashtag #snackstampede and mention @montuckycoldsnacks. For the email entry send the photo to

And Hey! Must be 21+ to Enter! This is the wild west but ya still have to be 21+ to enter and win! Also, you need to be in one of our participating states, see below for full rules, states, and other law related materials that dictate the rules of this sweepstakes. Cheers, and good luck buckaroos!

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Montucky Cold Snacks 2023 Stampede Belt Buckle made by Montana Silversmiths

2023 limited edition pearl snap button down

2-12 packs of 12oz Montucky Cold Snacks made in the U, S, of A.
Snackers, Gus here, to tell ya, ya best git gussied up, cause a storms brewin, an' when a storm like this brews on the open range and the lighting comes crackin like a hell-whip held by Hades 'imself, well, these here scrub-land spanish horses of lore run the range wild, like they was the wind itself; Heck dem horses will run down all that stands in their way to the four ends of the earth til the skys calms, the hot rain cools, and the fireflys find enough stillness to dance again. Stampede is what they call it. And wouldn't you know it? Them suckers at Montucky Cold Snacks thought it'd be quaint to do honor that congress of chaos with a promotion called the 'Snack Stampede.'

Guess you never can count on city folk to make sound decisions when it comes to the wild plains, but absent of that misgiving, I guess you could win some pretty nice stuff to hang around the corrals with if you 'ver have the dumb idea of trying to rein in and domesticate any of these feral equine animals after which the contest is named, but whom are better left to run wild you ask me. No no one did ask me if we're being honest though. I have misgivings myself I reckon. Nevertheless, this swag will help you fit the part of a grade A K-mart cowperson and all out dude; Dude. Assuming that's what you're up for. And if you are, there's 8 of them wild golden winning tickets running rouge out there just waiting for you to find one of them; So git in on this Stampede. Buy some snacks. Find a golden ticket. 'An you'll be the talk of the county 4-H fair!

But wait, hold your horses, theres more; We'll also have one winner that will be chosen at random from those who try their hand at entering via our online drawing as well. Wild worlds we live in friends.

Enough on all that though, get out there, sip, some snacks, and win a Stampede Snacks! Giddy Up!