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Seltzer Like A Montuckian

Going Where No Seltzer Has Gone Before... Montucky.

Introducing a new way to snack, Montucky-style. Because heck, if you’re gonna drink seltzer, why not do it like a Montuckian? Our cold, hard seltzer is made to go down easy, with a subtle grapefruit kick in the pants for the kind of fizzy refreshment that’s a real snacker’s paradise.

And, as always, we're giving 8% of all profits back to local causes, now with an extra twist of grapefruit goodness.


“Not too tart, not too sweet. Kinda like my grandma but way more fresh.”
– Grumpy K
“Tastes like that one time I floated rapids in a unicorn innertube.”
– That guy down by the river
“Party pants in a can.”
- Your Mom
“Bravo, Montucky! You brought the grapefruit to snack town.”
- Albert Einstein
“I used to frown, now I don’t.”
– Montucky Employee

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

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Warning: Contents Highly Refreshing.

A delicious hard seltzer complimented with bold, but not overpowering citrus grapefruit flavoring. Our seltzer is crushable for any outing.
Seltzer 12 Pack - 12oz Cans
Carbonated Water
Cane Sugar
Natural Flavors
Citric Acid
Per 12oz
5% ABV
100 Cals
2G Carbs
2G Sugar
Gluten Free
*Includes far less than your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C.