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Noso Patch

Keep your feathers Daffy! Herein, are patches made for repairing your overpriced puffy that Rover tore mad holes in case you didn't clip his nails.  Now with this patch to the rescue, your overpriced puffy is worth so much more, and is so much happier; It told us of its bliss that was derived from you buying this patch for it!  True story. Enjoi! 

Size 2.25" x 1.5" 
Rounded Corners 
Royal blue/Neon Blue lettering 
Noso strives to help eliminate textile waste by making it easier to repair your gear. We were born in the mountains, and we deeply love the outdoors. Noso wants to preserve the environment by keeping gear out of landfills. And we know you love that puffy jacket you’ve had forever, so keep it on your back and out of the stack.