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Attention, Cold Snackers!

Are you ready to become the face of your favorite small, relatively unknown beer brand? Well, now's your chance! We're looking for one lucky fan to become the official mascot of our beloved brew.

Imagine it - you, dressed in a giant foam Montucky Can costume (you must provide your own costume), representing your favorite beer at events, festivals, and parties all across the land. You'll be the envy of all your friends and the life of the party.

We're hosting a contest to find the ultimate mascot for Montucky Cold Snacks. Think you've got what it takes to be the face of a beer that your ipa wafting pal wouldn't drink?

Here are just some of the mind blowing prizes you could win:

See Official Rules For Winning Details.
Your face on thousands of Montucky Cans across the nation
Your face on Nascar Truck (1 race)
A trip to the NASCAR Truck Race where your face is featured on the side of the truck
Your face on a MCS Billboard somewhere in America
Appointed the official mascot as an emissary to their sovereign nation of The Republic of Molossia
Your name on a Montucky Cold Snacks Adopt - A - Highway in Montana
Opening throw at Reno Aces game
Randomly found used mixtape
A year’s worth of snacks
Your face on random items from VistaPrint's website

How to Enter!

Launching on March 22, simply post a 30 second video on Instagram showing and/or telling Montucky why you should be the first-ever official Mascot. Worst case scenario, participants get 30 seconds of fame on Montucky’s socials for your “better luck next time” efforts. Best case they could see their face on a billboard in the middle of nowhere, plus, you know, all the other prizes listed in the enthralling list you just read.

Cheers, and good luck!