80's Stunner Headband!

Grandma told you when you were a wee young thing, far, far, before you ever dreamt of drinking beer at odd hours of the morning in the dead of winter, that you needed to bundle up so that you wouldn't catch a cold. She’d say, “Honey, you better bundle up! I don’t want you catching a cold!” Here’s your chance to make Grandma proud.. despite the fact that you’re out til odd hours of the morning… by at least keeping your ears warm this winter with this sexy 80's headbands from Montucky Cold Snacks! Plus, these head-warmers are known to magically attract that romantic interest you've been pining to talk to… from across the room. That's worth the money right there!
>> Headbands read ‘MONTUCKY COLD SNACKS,’ around the top of garment.